O L AShape Your Own Web3 Journey

Easy Building with Ola

A Full-Featured ZK Stack Tailored to dApp Developers.

What is Ola?

Ola is an open-source hybrid ZK-Rollup that contributes to a fair, decentralized, permissionless web3 world by empowering users through data ownership.

Developer-Friendly ZK-Stack

Developer-friendly at its core, Ola simplifies the development of applications. Drawing inspiration from Solidity and Rust, Ola-lang allows developers to efficiently craft their own contracts, meeting diverse development needs.

Tech-Driven High Performance

Ola optimizes performance through innovative technologies, including streamlined instruction sets, Goldilocks domains, parallel proofs, and hardware acceleration. With swift proofing processes and exceptional execution speeds, Ola is the ideal choice for handling large-scale transactions.

PoW-Enabled Fair Participation

Ola utilizes Proof-of-Work (POW) for consensus, enabling fair user participation in the Ola network while ensuring its security.

How does Ola work?

Use Ola-lang to deploy your contract on OlaVM to seamlessly connect to Ethereum.


Ola-lang, a high-level language for OlaVM, streamlines secure application development, allowing developers to focus on code without intricate cryptographic knowledge.

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A powerful virtual machine tailored for efficient zero-knowledge computing, boasting a custom reduced instruction set.

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A secure and versatile environment for seamlessly scaling and speeding up zero-knowledge computations.

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Experience Ola

Embark on a journey to create ZK-powered dApps on Ola, where scalability and privacy are both programmable to suit your unique needs.


Join a community of enthusiasts, developers, and ambassadors around the globe, working together to build Ola and a better world.

OVP Program

Become a community builder and get Olavm points (OVP).

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Local Ambassador

Become the spokesperson of Ola and the KOL of the community!

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Governance Hub

Propose, debate, and vote on the direction of Ola.

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Discover dApps in the Ola ecosystem across Identity, Wallets, GameFi, SocialFi, and more.

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Shape Your Own Web3 Journey

A hybrid ZK Rollup for a fair, decentralized, permissionless world.

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